The most common questions that often doctors tend to hear from patients is, can you eat prawns when pregnant? The answer is the simplest yet complicated. You can eat prawns when you are pregnant because they are nutritious food. Prawns are seafood, and just like any other category of food, they are packed with maximum nutrients. These nutrients are essential that can help in the proper development and growth of your baby. The antioxidant content of prawns is also worthy of discussion, which will help you to fight off excessive oxidative stress. They should be properly cooked if you want to have the most of them.

Can You Eat Prawns When Pregnant- Need For Nutrients

As soon as the female egg goes into the fertilization stage, the needs of the body increase much. The caloric and nutrient needs of a pregnant woman are different from those of normal persons. The needs for nutrients increase subsequently with each trimester. Pregnant ladies should know their caloric requirements and what to eat at the right time. Getting a perfect balance of nutrients at this time will have an effect on their overall health. They should focus on eating from all food groups so that they have nutrients of all categories. Seafood is often considered bad for pregnant ladies due to its cholesterol content. But the fact is that it does not cause any bad effect on health rather provides multiple nutrients. The needs can be met effectively by having healthy and nutritious food.

The Nutritional Content Of Prawns

Seafood is a broad category of different food items. From various categories of fish to prawns, everything comes under it. Often there is a debate about the effect of prawns on the health of pregnant women. It is thought that eating these prawns is not safe for their health and has an effect on fetus growth as well. The truth is quite the opposite. Just like any other seafood item, prawns also have extremely nutritious value. They possess some safe and needed values of most integral micronutrients. They help you to fight off various infections and develop a strong immune system. These include zinc, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, and copper. They are also an extra source of omega 3 fatty acids which are a good type of fats.

Maintaining Health In Pregnancy

Pregnant women face the most crucial time of their life. There is an increased need for various nutrients during this time. The calories of a pregnant woman increase by three times. Good and sound health at this point will have a nice effect on the child as well. Consuming a balanced amount of nutrients from all food groups work effectively for their post-partum health as well. A good diet during pregnancy with all essential nutrients also helps in the development of the baby’s brain. A balanced diet also prevents several pregnancy-induced diseases such as anemia or eclampsia. Seafood has the right amount of nutrients in them, which will support your health and will eventually create a safe barrier against diseases. This not only protects you but also has an effect on a child’s health.

Dietary Guidelines Related To Food

The Food and Drug Authority has issued a guideline for the safe consumption of nutrients for pregnant ladies. These guidelines provide you complete knowledge of the nutrients and their requirements on all steps of pregnancy. From the time when you plan it to the post-partum nursing period, it has everything in them. According to FDA, eating seafood during pregnancy can provide you a vast range of healthy and effective nutrients. It is considered a safe eating choice. Eating prawns and seafood may also have an effect on your heart health. In many cases, it is seen that women are concerned about their weight. Eating a moderate amount of fish will provide you enough lean protein, which will not cause any chance of obesity. For pregnant women, it is necessary to increase their calories than usual people.

Can You Eat Prawns When Pregnant Benefits On Health

The human body needs different nutrients for their proper build-up and health. The quality of the nutrients helps in making their genetic component and has long-term effects on health. Eating prawns will make up for your vitamin D deficiency, ultimately supporting your bone health. It also makes your bone strong so that it can bear your pregnancy weight. The anti-oxidizing effects of prawns help in reducing the amount of stress in the body.

They also fight off certain infections and reduce body inflammation. The protein content of prawns provides you a good amount of amino acids which conduct various cellular activities. The immunity of a pregnant woman can be boosted enough with moderate and healthy quantities of prawns. Overall, they have a beneficial and healthy effect on the health of mother and child.

Effect On Baby’s Health

Just like affecting mother health, prawns also have an effect on the growth and development of the baby. The baby in the womb completely relies on the mother for a constant supply of nutrients. When a mother is on a healthy diet, she is indirectly working to provide all necessary nutrients to her baby. The brain of a baby needs the right amount of amino acids and omega 3. Eating prawns or other seafood at this point will help the baby to get the perfect development. The content of seafood must be monitored on a weekly basis. There are some nutrients that are present in high amounts in certain seafood only.

So, you need to make sure that you have adequate serving size for that. However, the upper limit of food should be adjusted depending on the requirements of the mother. The most important thing during your pregnancy should be maintaining your health. You can eat anything from any food group but need to balance the number of nutrients you are consuming. The serving size of prawns should also be maintained and checked. If you feel unwell after eating prawns, then the best advice is to skip them. In the same way, if you like to have them, you can eat them at any time but in a moderate amount. So you know now, can you eat prawns when pregnant or not.

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