Chlamydia is an infection, and it is transmitted sexually. It can affect everyone. The answer to the question can you get chlamydia from kissing is no. Many treatment options are available for this infection. If neglected for a long time, it can cause serious complications as well. It is caused by bacteria. It is commonly spread through unprotected sex. It can also cause other disorders. It may increase the risk of contracting HIV. It is important to consult your doctor if you are suspecting any symptoms. This article will describe the causes, symptoms, and treatment of Chlamydia in detail.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing?

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease. Many people think that if it is a sexually transmitted disease, it can be transmitted by kissing. Sharing drinking glasses, kissing and hugging cannot transmit it. To transfer it, there must be sexual contact between two people. It can be transferred by oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Unprotected sex is the most common cause of this infection. If someone already has the disease, engaging in sex with them will cause you the disease.

Sex without a condom or protection with someone who is already exposed to it will spread the infection. The main course of all the infections is the same. They need a medium for their spread. Kissing is a safe activity, and it will not get you Chlamydia. The bacteria causing it can only be found in the vaginal fluids and semen. So it is safe to safe that you cannot get it from kissing someone. Causes, symptoms, and treatment for this infection are given below.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing? What Is Chlamydia?

It is an infection that is included in the category of sexually transmitted diseases. Infections are contagious. They can spread easily by contact. Chlamydia is transmitted through sexual contact. It can affect everyone. It is treatable. But do not delay consulting your doctor. If the treatment is delayed, you might get vulnerable to other infections as well. One can get this infection by having sex with someone who already has it. The misconception that it can transfer from kissing is wrong and has no basis.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing? Causes

It has a bacterial origin. It is caused by bacterium Chlamydia Trachomatis. This bacteria is known for causing other diseases as well. Pelvic inflammatory diseases, cervical inflammation, pneumonia, and enlarged lymph nodes are also caused by this bacteria. Since Chlamydia is an infectious disease, it can be transmitted. The mode of transmission for this infection is vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

The bacteria is found in the semen and vaginal fluids. Intercourse with a person who is already exposed to this infection will transmit it. Your baby can also get it through childbirth when you are pregnant. Unprotected sex with someone who has it even without ejaculation. Another important thing to remember about this disease is that you can still get it, even if you were previously treated for it. If you or your partner are noticing any symptoms, consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing? Symptoms

The symptoms include anal bleeding, rectal pain, and burning sensation while urinating. Patients also experience abnormal discharge from the penis or vagina. This discharge is smelly. You can feel an unusual sore around the genitals as well. Intercourse becomes painful as well. Men experience pain in the testicles. It can be in one testicle or both. Abnormal vaginal bleeding during periods is observed in women.

Newborns can also contract this disease during childbirth from the mothers. A newborn born with this infection will have the symptoms of eye infections and pneumonia. These symptoms usually appear after several weeks of having sex with an infected person. It is also seen that many people who have this infection do not show any symptoms.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing? Complications

It is vital to get yourself treated if you have this disease. It is painful. If proper treatment is not done, it can cause other health problems as well. In women, if it is not treated, it can go up to the uterus and fallopian tube. The reproductive system can get damaged because of this infection. Fertility can also be reduced. Researches have shown that it can cause difficulty in conceiving. Cases of ectopic pregnancy are also seen. Ectopic pregnancy is defined as the pregnancy that takes place outside the womb. The risk of contracting HIV also increases if you have gotten this disease. Pain and fever are caused by infection. This suggests that the condition is spread from the testicles to the upper areas.


If you are suspecting that you have Chlamydia, you should immediately go to your doctor. Your doctor will most probably ask for a vaginal cotton swab or urination sample. Positive test results will show that you have the infection. Antibiotics are often prescribed by doctors to treat this condition. Azithromycin and doxycycline are mostly given.

It usually goes away in 1 to 2 weeks. One must avoid sex during the medication period to prevent its transmission. Once you are recovered, you can involve in intercourse. Make sure to get yourself tested after 3 months of recovery. The infection usually returns. It is important to have a follow-up check for your safety and the safety of your loved ones as well.


The best way to prevent this infection to avoid having sex without a condom with someone who has it. Use condoms every time you have sex. You should ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not aware of the use of a condom. You should limit the number of partners you are having sex with. Limited exposure will reduce the chance of getting an infection and its spread. Don’t douche your vagina.

Douching means washing your vagina excessively. It reduces the number of good bacteria. The bacteria which are beneficial for the health of the vagina are washed out by this method. This can increase your risk of getting Chlamydia. Have regular checkups for sexually transmitted diseases more often. Can you get chlamydia from kissing? is the most frequently asked question on the internet. Kissing has nothing to do with it.

Chlamydia is transmitted by sexual contact. It is caused by bacteria. Vaginal fluids and semen are the mediums for its spread. Antibiotics are given to the patients for their treatment. It is important to use protection when having sex.

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