Different people always want to change their looks on different occasions. Hair color is the best trick to change personal looks. Different people may give different colors to their hair for looking awesome. They may use different tricks, and when someone asks, “Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair?” you should say, “yes, lemon juice can help to lighten the hair.” Following is a comprehensive discussion on this topic.

Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair-How Does It Work?

Most people are unaware of the fact how does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair? According to a famous colorist and founder of the “mydentity” brand, Guy Tang, the main reason that helps lemon juice to lighten the hair isn’t its ingredients. It is its exposure to sunlight. When it is exposed to sunlight or UV radiation, some particular reactions occur that may lead to the lightening of hair. Normally, sunlight affects the tone of the hair always, but its effect is more obvious and prominent after the application of lemon juice to hair.

This is an observation by Guy Tang. He says that it occurs due to higher acidity levels. According to Tang, the PH of lemon juice is 2-3, whereas the PH of hair may range from 3.3 to 5.5. He says that both the PH of hair and lemon juice is close to each other, and this is the reason lemon juice can change the color of the hair. According to another colorist and founder of Grettacole Salon and Spas, Gretta Monahan, the acidity of lemon juice degenerate the cuticle layer of the hair. This is the main reason that decreases the color pigment of your hair.

She says that when the hair after application of lemon juice is exposed to sunlight, the citric acid in the lemon juice accelerates the process of bleaching. This reaction breaks up the pigment of hair to uncover the underlying lighter color. She says that you should apply lemon three to four times for witnessing a noticeable change in the hair color. According to Monahan, more exposure to citric acid leads to more deterioration of hair.

Is This Method Effective For Dark Hair?

When people ask, “Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair?” they may also ask, “Is this method effective for dark hair?” We know that people have different skin types, and therefore, lemon juice will affect differently to different hair colors. According to Monahan, everyone can apply lemon juice to his hair, but the results of the application may vary greatly. For example, an individual whose hair is extremely dark possesses a greater quantity of pigment in the hair. Such individuals can’t witness a noticeable change in their hair color.

They may get brassy or red/orange results. She says that people having dark hair may have to apply lemon juice many times, and after many applications, they may notice a slighter change in their hair color. According to Monahan, redheads may get a more vibrant and brighter color after the application of lemon juice. After multiple applications of lemon juice to redheads may lead to getting a bold gold color. Monahan says that when you have dark hair, you may not notice any appreciable change in your hair color.

You may need to apply lemon juice many times to witness an appreciable color change. She says for blonds, it will be subtle than a bleach from the salon. Hence, when you have darker hair, you shouldn’t apply lemon juice because it won’t give you appreciable results. If you have patience and apply it many times, then you should go with this trick, and after many applications, you will surely get results.

Instructions To Use Lemon Juice Effectively For Lightening Hair

Are you looking for a method of how does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair? Here we have a detailed method or instructional guide from Monahan for using lemon juice to lighten the hair.

Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair-Materials Required

When you have thought to use lemon juice for lightening hair, you must have lemon juice, chamomile tea bags, and a spray bottle.


When you are going to start the process of lightening hair, you should follow the following steps. These are complete step-by-step instructions by a famous colorist Gretta Monahan.

1.Squeeze Your Lemons

When you are going to test this method, you should purchase some lemons and get them to your home. You may squeeze one lemon to extract its juice. You may do this manually or by using some squeezing tool. Many squeezing tools are available. You may also do this by using a juicer machine. You should make sure that you have extracted all the juice from the lemon. After extracting juice, you should measure its quantity by using a measuring cylinder or any other calibrated instrument.

2. Prepare One Cup Of Chamomile

Monahan says that you should steep one tea bag of chamomile until it gets strong. After that, you should cool it. You must also measure this liquid by using any volumetric measuring tool such as a measuring cylinder.

3. Mix Both Liquids

Monahan instructs that when you have prepared two solutions, such as lemon juice and chamomile liquid, you should measure them carefully. You may measure them by using measuring tools or weigh them on the weighing balance. You may also measure by using ordinary cups or tablespoons. When you have prepared liquids, you should measure two parts chamomile liquid and one part of lemon juice.

In simple words, you must take two cups of chamomile liquid and one cup of lemon juice. You may also measure by using tablespoons. For every two tablespoons of chamomile liquid, you must add one tablespoon of lemon juice. When you have measured according to requirements, you should mix both liquids to make a homogeneous mixture.

4. Spritz Your Hair

When you have mixed both the liquids properly, you should fill this mixture inside a spray bottle. You should fill the bottle according to requirements. After that, you should spray this mixture on your hair. You should saturate your hair generously. They must be damp to touch. After a proper spritzing of hair, you should sit in the sun for a minimum of one hour. You should know that sitting in the sun is essential because, without this, lemon juice does not affect you. We have mentioned in the previous sections that sunlight drives the process.

It is sunlight that drives a reaction of breaking up pigments and exposing the underlying lighter color of hair. You should make sure that you sat in sunlight for one hour. After following this instruction, you may get good results. You may also use dryers for 30 minutes instead of sitting in the sunlight. You should know this is not as effective as sunlight is.

5. Continue Process Repeatedly

We have discussed the whole process of using lemon juice to lighten the hair. We have already mentioned that different colored hair may have different effects of lemon juice application. Therefore, depending on the color of your hair, you may have to repeat this process many times. For some people, only a few applications may give good results, whereas, for dark-haired people, many applications may give slighter results. Therefore, you should continue applying lemon juice until you get the desired results.

How Much Time They Do Effects Last?

According to Monahan, when you have reached your desired results of getting brighter and lighter hair, you may consider that like a faux tan, the result may be fleeting. She says that as the lemon juice breaks up the natural pigment of the hair, therefore it may permanently alter the color of the hair. When you apply this to your hair, it will permanently alter the hair color. According to Tang, like all color-treated hair, your hair after the application of lemon juice will become dull over time.

She also adds because this hair color came due to reaction with UV rays; therefore, it will become brassier and brassier over time. She says when you want to counteract this color, you must color your hair with some opposite color that can give changed effects. For example, when your hair color is yellow, you need purple color to apply to it for getting white hair. When you have Red/orange colored hair, you need to apply green color on your hair to get a caramel tone.

Side Effects And Risks

Both tang and Monahan have said that applying lemon juice to your hair may cause deterioration of the cuticle. They break the hair cuticle and make them look dull and dry. They also make them brittle. Lemon juice may cause the breakage of hair. Both the colorists have said that you should rinse lemon juice out of your hair as soon as possible. When it remains in your hair, it may cause your hair cuticle to contracted, dry, and brittle. Therefore, you should keep in mind these risks when using this trick for lightening your hair.

You should keep in mind these side effects and risks. We have described all the effects and consequences of the treatment of lemon juice to hair. Lemon juice helps to lighten hair, but it may cause damage to the cuticle. It may cause your hair to look duller and dryer. When someone asks you, “Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair?” you should explain everything as we have discussed in this article.

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