It is a general disease that affects children. They may get this disease from schools, daycare centers, and playrooms. It is a viral infection. The main symptom of this disease is a telltale rash that appears on the skin of the foot and hands. An affected individual may also get a fever. This disease spreads easily. New drug development can help to stop diseases. It is not an easy task to make a new medicine. It takes time. Following are different methods for preventing hand and foot illness.

Keep Your Hands And Foot Clean

You should know that hand and foot disease affects hands and feet. The name of the disease is telling the meaning as well. You can stop this disease by keeping your hands and feet clean. You should wash them with water. Warm water can help you kill the virus. A virus cannot survive greater temperatures. It is a good practice to take precautions to avoid some disorders. You should not keep your hands or feet dirty. There are greater chances of getting this disease when they are dirty. This practice can help you stay away from this disease.

Never Expose Them To Dirty Places

We know that floor may be dirty. It may contain germs and other allergic things. Similarly, wastewater drains contain bacteria and other germs. Garbage containers, dustbins, and other piles of waste can cause this disease. You should keep yourself away from such places. For example, when you have to throw waste from your home, you must wear gloves. Collect different waste products after wearing gloves and pick dustbin. You should not walk on the floor without socks. You should immediately wash your hands or feet after they have been exposed to dirty wastewater drains. These small steps can help you stay safe from this disease.

Use Anti-Bacterial Soap

There are many kinds of soaps. Some may be beauty soap. When you have to keep yourself safe from hand and foot diseases, you should make sure that you are using anti-bacterial soap. Ordinary soap cannot kill microbes. Anti-bacterial soap possesses the capability to kill microorganisms. You should continuously wash your hands after each activity. Using soap can reduce the chances of getting the disease. Some microorganisms may die due to warm or cold water. Some germs are resistant, and you need anti-bacterial soap for killing them. Using a high-quality soap that can perform an anti-bacterial activity is the best remedy to avoid this problem.

Avoid Close Contact With Affected People

You may see people who have this disease. You should avoid close contact with them. Never share anything with them. For example, you may sit with them for eating or drinking something. This increases the risk of getting hand and foot disease. The germs can pass from his rashes to your body. You will not understand, and after some time, you may get the same problem. You should keep yourself away from affected people until they become alright. Sitting with the affected individuals increases the risks of getting this disorder. You should make sure that the person you are sitting with is alright.

Use Gloves During Laboratory Works

Some professional people have to work in labs. For example, people working in microbiology labs can get this disease. Chemists and laboratory technicians can also get this disease. During lab works, chances are greater for getting hand and foot diseases. Microbiology labs may contain many kinds of bacteria and viruses. When you are working in labs, you must wear gloves and socks. Your body should not be exposed to microbes. The increased exposure can increase the risk of getting the disease. Wearing gloves and socks can effectively reduce the risks of getting this disorder.

Wear Neat And Clean Socks

We have said that wearing socks and gloves can reduce the chance of getting this illness. You should make sure that the socks and gloves are clean and neat. They should not be affected. They may contain contamination. This contamination may transfer germs for causing hand and foot disease. You should regularly wash your socks and gloves by using anti-bacterial soaps or detergents. You should use warm water for washing them. It will kill the microbes. These practices can help you avoid this illness.

Never Perform Surgery Without Gloves

We know that many surgeons work in operation theaters for performing surgeries. They have to touch affected parts of the body. The patient may transfer harmful germs through their hands. Therefore, when a surgeon is performing surgery, he may get hand and foot disease. He must wear neat and clean gloves. He should wear them before going for surgery. They will stop the germs from affecting his hands. They will ultimately minimize the risks of getting this disorder.

Keep Your Counters And Tables Disinfected

Different people go to offices for jobs. They may have tables, chairs, and computer tables. They may have laptops. We also use tables at home. Contaminated tables and other surfaces may transfer this disease. For example, when you touch affected tables, chairs, and counters, the chances of getting this illness are increased. Therefore, you should regularly disinfect your tables, chairs, laptops, and counters. This is a good effort to minimize the risk of getting hand and foot disease.

Doorknobs, Clothes, And Other Surfaces Must Be Clean

You have to use doorknobs whenever you enter or exit your room. You have to touch doorknobs many times. They may become the cause of this disease. Similarly, affected clothes and other surfaces can become a cause of this disorder. You should make sure that your clothes are clean and neat. Use high-quality detergents that can kill microbes. Wash them with warm water. Wear them after ironing. Disinfect your doorknobs and other tangible surfaces regularly. They will help you avoid this disease.

Follow The Guidelines Of Your Doctor

Doctors are qualified medical professionals. They know the causes and outcomes of different diseases. They know how to avoid any disorder. They can properly guide to avoid contagious diseases. You should keep consulting with your doctor about your health issues. You should pay regular visits or keep close contact through cell phone. Qualified and expert doctors can give you effective advice to stay healthy and safe from hand and foot disease. We can get many diseases due to our carelessness and avoid them by taking necessary precautions. It depends on us how we tackle different situations. It is good to take precautions instead of medicines. New drug development can help to cure new diseases. It takes time to develop new medicines. When you see a new disease, you should try to take precautions to avoid it.

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