People ask a lot about how long does a pulled muscle take to heal about their muscle strains. It lies upon the severity of the condition. The chances of healing the muscles earlier are greater if you are going for therapy. There are many ways to increase the healing process by taking physical therapy and doing exercises. Usually, this condition is caused because of lifting heavy objects and poor postures. Many diagnostic tests are also performed if the condition is severe. This article will help you understand the detail about the healing of a pulled-back muscle and its causes.

What Causes A Pulled Muscle?

Most of the time, the muscles of the back get pulled because of the tearing of the ligaments overstretching. The strain of the muscles is a common phenomenon. It is a tear in the muscle itself or the tendon. When a person is performing an activity that overstretches the muscles beyond their natural limit, a strain or a pulled muscle occurs. There are several reasons for this strain, including lifting heavy objects, overstretching, and twisting your muscles. Athletes have a common issue of straining their muscles. There can be other risk factors for this strain as well. These risk factors include poor posture, tightening of the hamstrings, and obesity.


People who are suffering from a pulled muscle come with specific signs and symptoms. These symptoms majorly include swelling and bruising on the specific area and muscle spasms. Many people also complain about the sudden pain in the area where the soft tissue injury has occurred. Excruciating pain while performing certain movements is also a key indicator of a pulled muscle. You can be performing different movements, including pulling and pushing, bending forward. These movements will come along with the aches of dull and intense pain. Usually, stiffness is the most common symptom of soft tissue injury.

How Long Does A Pulled Muscle Take To Heal?

The answer to this question lies in the severity and site of the pain. There are many factors attached when it comes to the recovery of a pulled muscle. When it comes to the strains and sprains of the back muscles, the recovery can take two weeks. If you are taking precautions and following the instructions of our doctor, you will recover in 1 week. It also depends upon the age of the patient. The time for an older patient for recovery will be prolonged than a younger person. Once the patient has recovered, doctors recommend avoiding vigorous activity for at least eight weeks. A strenuous exercise session just after your recovery can increase the damage of further injuries.


There are plenty of methods to speed up your recovery when you are suffering from a pulled muscle. Most doctors recommend applying cold and heat therapy. For intense pain, you can also take over-the-counter medications. Taking plenty of rest and a break from hard work is the key to improved health. It is also important to seek the consultation of a physiotherapist. Massages are another way of healing from a pulled muscle soft tissue injury. Doctors also recommend using the precise regime for healing the injury. This includes protecting, resting, icing, compression, and elevation of the affected area.

When To See The Doctor?

If you have taken all the above-mentioned therapies, but your pain is not reducing, then you have to visit the doctor. It can be an indicator of a serious injury. If you are experiencing any of the following, you should take immediate help from our highly experienced doctor's team.

  • If you are in pain and cold, therapy is not helping in reducing the swelling.
  • If you can feel the muscle pop and it has excruciating pain.
  • Despite using the price regime, you are unable to move a muscle.
  • It has been 48 hours, and you haven't experienced any relief.
  • The pain in the specific area is not decreasing by taking painkillers.


It is recommend to take plenty of rest when you are suffering from pulled muscles. But long durations of inactivity can also increase the risk of stiffness of the muscles. Professionals such as physiotherapists are in favor of doing light stretching and exercises. These low-impact activities will improve your circulation and will increase the healing process. It is strongly recommended to avoid any kind of vigorous activity. If you are not fully recovered but are involved in vigorous activities, then your condition may get worse. Following are some of the most effective exercises that will help you in healing from the pulled muscle.

Mobility And Early Strengthening Exercises

The exercises for mobility and strengthening are very important when it comes to healing. If you are not allowing your body to move, then you are creating more stiffness. This stiffness will reduce the speed of the healing process. For early mobility, physiotherapists suggest trying to move the affected area to its complete range. It will help you in gaining passive and active mobility. You can perform isometrics and ankle strengthening exercises as well. Initial post ankle injury exercises are also suggested if you have injured ankle muscles.


When you have encountered a soft tissue injury of a pulled muscle, you have to take certain precautions. For the first 48 to 72 hours, you have to avoid taking heat therapy. It increases inflammation if it is not supervised properly. Alcohol should also be avoided because it slows down the process of healing. Massages are also contra-indicatory because they can increase inflammation. The answer to how long does a pulled muscle take to heal depends upon its causes and severity. If the condition is mild, your muscle condition can easily improve by taking physical therapy. People who do not take care of their posture are prone to getting this condition. Pelvic tilt and back extensions exercises are a great way to heal your muscle earlier.

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