How to get rid of verruca is a commonly asked question. Verruca is a small, rough, bumpy lump or growth on the skin. It is caused by the human papillomavirus. The occurrence of a verruca is common. Many people get it in different stages of their lives. They are common in children and young adults. They are related to warts. A wart that is present on the sole of your foot is known as a verruca. They can have small black dots in them. These dots are present because of the blood clots. This article will explain ways to get rid of them.

How To Get Rid of Verruca-Removal

Most of the time, a verruca is harmless. It is also known as plantar warts. They are not even painful. They only hurt when weight is put on them. You might not even need a health care professional. It goes away on its own. If it is occurring in children, they will go away in a half year. For adults, it can take a long time. Leaving them alone is usually the best option. Some treatments can be stressful, time-consuming, and painful. You can ask your doctor for the medications if you want to take any. If it is growing rapidly, then you have to see a doctor immediately.

Home Remedies And Treatment

Most of the time, the plantar wart is not harmful. People still want to get rid of them because of the discomfort they cause. Following are the detailed ways of removing these plantar warts at home.

Get Rid of Verruca Using Apple Cider Vinegar

There are advantages of apple cider vinegar. It can help in the removal of plantar warts as well. It has anti-infective properties. These characteristics can help in reducing the occurrence of verruca. You just have to apply apple cider vinegar to the wart. You can do this by putting it on the cotton swab. This is repeated two times a day.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid has great medicinal value. This acid is used frequently for the treatment of acne. It helps in reducing acne marks by removing dead skin. These dead skin cells can clog your pores. Many over-the-counter wart creams have this acid. They act on plantar warts by shedding the skin on them little by little. Eventually, all the skin gets cleared. If you want to benefit the most from this acid, you can apply it to the verruca. This can be done twice a day. You can also warm your foot in the water before applying it.

Tea-Tree Oil

In the past, tea-tree oil was used as an antiseptic. It acts as a topical antiseptic for fungal infections, wounds, and acne. It can also be used for plantar warts. You just have to apply a small amount of diluted tea tree oil to the affected area. You can use it along with olive oil or almond oil as well.

OTC Freezing Sprays

You can take advantage of the freezing sprays as well. These are available at the pharmacies. These sprays contain liquid nitrogen products. They give the same effects as cryotherapy. The spray causes a blister-like injury to the wart. The blister takes its time to heal. Once the blister goes away, the wart is gone with it too. Use the spray by spraying it on the verruca directly for 20 seconds. You can repeat the process. The blister formed after spraying will go away in one week. It will take the wart with it. If it is still there, you can repeat the process. Remember that the duration of the disappearance of the wart can take several weeks.


Iodine is used for maintaining the health of the thyroid gland. It is also beneficial for the treatment of plantar warts. Researches have shown that the combination of povidone and iodine solution helps clear plantar warts. Applying it for 12weeks twice a day is seen to be effective for verruca. But if you are suffering from any underlying thyroid issue, you should consult your doctor first.


Cryotherapy is the process of freezing the wart using liquid nitrogen. As a result, the wart falls off. Your doctor will apply liquid nitrogen to your wart. It can be done using a spray or a cotton bud. It will take only 30 to 40 seconds to freeze your wart. The treatment may need to be repeated every two to three weeks. It is mostly recommended for adults only. In children, it can cause blistering because of their sensitive skin. It is also painful sometimes.


Treatment of verruca also includes medicines. Creams, gels, and medicated bandages help in its treatment. You can easily get them from drugstores. The ingredient which is common in these medicines is salicylic acid. It helps in the softening of the hard outer layer of the wart. It the best medicine to get rid of warts on foot. It is important to know that you should not use salicylic acid on your face or in large areas. It can cause scarring and irritation. Follow the medicines and instructions as prescribed by your doctor.

Before applying the cream, or any treatment, you should soak the foot in the water. You can also rub the skin to remove the extra skin with an emery board. After applying the treatment method, you can cover the wart. This will help in quick healing. The treatment can go up to several weeks. In some cases, it may take even 3 months as well. The most frequently asked question on the internet includes how to get rid of a verruca.

There are many home remedies available for a verruca. You just have to apply freezing sprays, salicylic acid, or tea tree oil on the affected area carefully. Do not apply on large surface areas. It is important to remember that the treatment for plantar warts can take many weeks.

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