Pain under shoulder blade can reduce your productivity. It is usually present in people with postural problems. It can also result from any injury. Sometimes it can be felt as a discomfort in the interscapular region. The overuse of the muscles of the shoulders can also be a contributing factor to this pain. The intensity of this pain depends upon the severity of the cause. This pain can limit the normal range of motion of your joints as well. It is vital to get this pain checked by your doctor. This article will help you understand the 6 most common causes of this pain and treatment options.

Causes Of Pain Under Shoulder Blade

There can be multiple causes for this pain. It should not be neglected because it is an indicator of an underlying condition. Following are the common causes of this pain.

Poor Posture

People who have habits of sitting in the wrong posture over time develop pain under the shoulder blade. It is one of the most common causes of this pain. When people are sitting in offices, they don’t change their position for hours. This puts an extra amount of pressure on their muscles. Structural changes start to happen, and the integrity of the spine muscles is ruined. This also has a huge impact on the scapular muscles. The pain under the scapular blade starts from sitting in the same position for hours.

People don’t even realize that they are acquiring a slouched posture while sitting in front of the computers. Tilting your head and sitting on one side can lead to this pain. When you are using the phone, and you are constantly in a bent position, the alignment of the muscles is disturbed. This can also lead to the weakness of the muscles. The ligaments and vertebral discs are also affected. This pain can shift to the upper back pain as well.

Overuse Of Muscles

It is another reason for getting this pain. Overuse of the muscles can decrease the efficiency of the scapular blade. If you are involved in an activity that involves the shoulder blade, you might feel pain in this region. There are certain types of activities where you are putting a lot of pressure on the shoulder blade. These commonly including painting a ceiling, playing volleyball, or moving the furniture.

If you keep on doing these activities repetitively, your shoulder blade will be easily subjected to pain. The overuse of the muscles can also cause strain in the muscles and ligaments of the shoulder blade. Another factor that can cause pain is when you have scapulothoracic bursitis. This condition involves the inflammation of the bursa present between the spine and the shoulder blade.

Improper Lifting Techniques

Most patients come with pain under their shoulder blade have lifted weights. They do not take precautionary measures when lifting heavy weights and suffer from pain. Over the head activities also involves lifting heavy objects. Without any assistance, the heavyweights can directly leave an impact on your spine and shoulder blade. The pain is an indicator of the disturbed function of the blade. The most common reason for the strains in the ligaments and muscles of the upper back is lifting heavyweights. When you are lifting a heavy object, your spine goes into an unaligned position. This can also increase the risk of fractures of the spinal joints.

Dislocated Rib

This is another reason for the pain under the shoulder blade. The reason for this pain is the presence of a dislocated rib. This rib can cause pain under the shoulder blade every time you perform any activity. These activities are mostly over the head activities. It gets impinged and makes you feel a sharp pain under the shoulder blade. Because it involves the rib area as well, it becomes difficult for the person to breathe as well.

Cervical Herniated Disc

This is another general cause of pain under the shoulder blade. The reason behind this revolves around the herniated disc. The herniation of the discs is caused by the tear of the outer layer of the disc. This causes the inner layer of the disc to bulge out. This can cause pain and inflammation of the nerve root along the way. This nerve root can be the one supplying to your shoulder or arm. If the disc herniation occurs in the lower cervical region, it will cause pain around the shoulder blade. You will feel sharp and achy pain sensations.

Compression Fractures

These fractures are commonly observed in the back. They occur when the vertebrae are weak. These fractures decrease the strength of the back. Whenever fractures occur, they cause extreme pain. The region where a fracture occurs becomes tender. Patients do not let it touch as well. When these fractures occur, shoulder blade is also involved. The pain in the shoulder blade is excruciating, and it does not let the patent rest. Any movement, particularly the movements over the head, becomes restricted.

Treatment For Pain Under Shoulder Blade

The treatment for the pain under the shoulder blade revolves around the cause of the pain. For the pain that has originated because of the poor posture, you have to work on correcting the posture. You can take the help of a physiotherapist to help you maintain your posture. It is important to keep changing your positions while working. For the overuse and muscle strains, you have to take rest and take over-the-counter medications. Taking ice and cold therapy can also help a lot. Ice reduces inflammation, and heat improves circulation.

Some doctors also recommend taking massage therapy as well. If the pain is occurring because of a dislocated rib, you should seek professional help. Pain under shoulder blade can have multiple reasons. The most common reasons include the overuse of the muscles of the back and poor posture. A dislocated rib and compression fractures can lead to this pain as well. People with herniated disc conditions also suffer from pain in this region. The best way to treat this is to know the actual reason. Heat and cold therapy, along with over-the-counter medications, help in reducing pain.

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