Sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back makes people restless. It has many causes. It is usually indicative of the underlying problems. It happens in pregnancy as well. Some people who are into exercise and strenuous activities are also prone to this pain. If it is because of the strains of the muscles, it will heal over time. But for the other causes, such as underlying infections, you have to get yourself checked. The infections can create a serious condition if not properly taken care of. This article will explain the five most common reasons for this pain in your left side lower back.

Reasons For Sharp Stabbing Pain In Lower Left Side Of Back

There are multiple reasons for the unilateral pain in your left lower side of the back. Most of them are not serious, but if the pain stays persistent, you have to visit a doctor to get a clear picture. Learn the five common reasons for this pain.

Muscle Strain

One of the reasons for the sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back in female is muscle strain. Muscle strain is an injury to your muscle or surrounding tissue. It can decrease the functionality of the muscle. Your movements feel restricted as well. When this happens in the lower area of your back, you will feel a sharp pain. If the muscles present in the lower left side of the back are injured due to any reason, this will happen. The muscle strain can also occur if you had an accident. Any fall or trauma that involves your back is the primary source of this stabbing pain. It comes with the symptoms of stiff lower back and soreness as well.

Many people don’t even realize that when they are making sudden twisting movements, their muscles are getting strained. Some people who lift heavy weights without taking precautionary measures are also subjected to this pain. When picking heavy loads, the alignment of our spine becomes unusual. This creates pressure on the muscles and ligaments of the spine. If the loads are heavier, it can also cause serious injury. The best way to avoid this is to maintain a good posture and to not make twisting movements. You can also perform stretches and exercise to decrease the chances of getting muscle strain.

Kidney Stones

These stones are famous cause for causing sharp pain. These stones are caused by the accumulation of the minerals present in your urinary tract. When they start to grow in size, they cause stabbing pain in the left lower backside of your body. They also make it difficult to urinate. This pain also travels through the abdomen, ribs, and groin. If you have these signs along with blood in urine, it means that you might have kidney stones. This needs immediate medical help. If the stones are small in size, they will just pass through the urine. For larger stones, your doctor might suggest you go through laser treatment. If your pain is not getting better with rest, you must consult a doctor.


The infections in the left kidney are quite common. They reveal themselves with this sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back and abdomen pain. If you have been experiencing this pain for more than a week and it can be an infection. The common signs of the infection also include body aches and fever. If along with the pain on the left lower side of the back, you have a fever as well, it can be an infection. Many people complain about this pain when they have bladder infections as well. These infections in the kidney or bladder make it difficult to urinate as well. Your doctors will get you antibiotics for the infection. These medications have a course as prescribed by the doctors. Once you have completed it, you will feel no pain.


It is an extremely painful condition where the tissues that are supposed to grow inside the uterus start to grow outside. This condition involves the region of the ovaries, fallopian tube, and the lining of the pelvis. It causes painful menstruation. It causes severe constipation and diarrhea as well. The major symptom includes this sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back above hip. This sharp pain is consistent when menstruation occurs. Intercourse becomes painful as well. The lining of these tissues is shed with every menstruation cycle but gets trapped. This causes agonizing pain in the lower back. If your periods are becoming painful along with this pain, you should consult your gynecologist immediately.


Sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back during pregnancy is experienced by mot women experience. For expecting ladies, the term most commonly used for this pain is posterior pelvic pain. Most of the time, they experience it on one side only. In rare cases, it is experienced on both sides. The intensity of the sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back pregnancy is sharp and throbbing. This happens because when the size of the baby gets enlarge, the muscles become sore. When this happens, the center of gravity of the body deviates from normal. To compensate for this, the muscles of the back start to work. This overworking of the back muscles can cause this sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back stretches.

This is also related to the sacroiliac joint dysfunction condition. It is commonly caused by stress. For pregnancy, the weight of the body acts as this stress. This pain can travel in the leg as well. Doctors recommend using heat and cold therapy to improve the condition. It is important to get an appointment with your doctor if the intensity of the pain is unbearable.

Sharp stabbing pain in lower left side of back above buttocks requires immediate checkup if it is not going away. There are multiple causes for this pain. If you are expecting, you will feel this pain now and then. The growing size of the baby causes this pain. The presence of kidney stones also causes this stabbing pain. If you are doing strenuous activities, this pain can occur. Weight lifting activities can also cause strains on your muscles.

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