Insulin resistance is a medical condition in which the body's cells fail to correspond to the hormone insulin. Insulin is a hormone that helps to regulate our blood sugar. Insulin resistance is the main reason people have type 2 diabetes or suffer from diabetes during pregnancy. Many fat people weight-wise suffer from insulin resistance. But modern studies believe that it has nothing to do with the weight of the individual. Many insulin resistance treatments are now used to prevent diseases that are associated with it.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

Our body consists of a hormone known as insulin, whose function is to make the cells of our body use the glucose in the blood as a source of energy or for storing glucose to be utilized later. However, with insulin resistance, our cells in the body present in our muscles and liver fail to keep glucose, due to which glucose levels in our blood rise.

insulin resistance

This makes the pancreas of our body release and makes more insulin. A person suffering from insulin resistance produces more than normal levels of insulin. As a result of this, there are high chances of developing a high-fat group in the body or becoming overweight.
In some extreme conditions, people suffering from insulin resistance develop dark color velvety patchy that are often seen at the neck back or in the mole's area.

The Effects Of Diabetes On Your Body

We all have seen or heard about diabetes. In lay man terms, it is the condition that results in high blood sugar levels, which, if not noticed or appropriately tackled, leads to diabetes.

effects of diabetes

People who have diabetes cannot produce or use insulin as insulin helps the cells of our body use the glucose as energy fuels or stores them for later use. The other effects it has on the patient's body are listed below.

Risk Of Stroke Is Great

A patient who has diabetes is at significant risk of experiencing stroke if the condition is left untreated without proper medicines and consultation.

Loss Of Consciousness Or Unconsciousness

When the patient who has diabetes is not appropriately treated high blood sugar level results in losing his consciousness. Therefore, proper treatment is mandatory.

Extreme Thirst Is Experienced

The patient with insulin resistance often experiences extreme pangs of thirst. Their craving for water or other liquids increases.

Visual Disturbance

Well, patients with high blood sugar levels lead to damaging the blood vessels that supply the eye. As a result, blurred vision becomes common and, if left untreated, can lead to complete blindness.

Heart or Cardiac Diseases

One widespread feature of insulin resistance and its effects on the body is the risk of heart diseases as a high level of glucose blocks the blood vessels and raises the blood pressure that leads to a greater level of stress over the heart.

Infection In The Body

People who have diabetes are at a greater risk of developing infections such as bacterial or fungal. Diabetic patient's feet are prone to fungal infection.

Excessive Urination

People who have diabetes have an increased urgency to urinate a lot of times.

Damaged Blood Vessels

With high blood sugar levels, the glucose starts depositing in the vessels, due to which the flow of blood hinders, and when blood vessels are damaged and are not adequately supplying blood, it can lead to several other conditions.


Patients with high blood sugar suffer from difficulty emptying their stomach from food, due to which heartburn is common. This condition is known as Gastroparesis.

High Protein

With the high amount of sugar, a high level of protein build-up in the body may affect the kidneys.

Dry Or Scaly Skin

A prevalent condition that develops due to high blood sugar is dry, scaly skin, as this is because of the loss of water from the patient's skin.

Nerve Damage Is Common

People with high blood sugar or diabetes often complain of needles and tickling experienced over the feet and other body parts.

Foot Infection Particularly

The foot of the diabetic patient is prone to smelly fungal or yeast infection.
After eating our meals, our body can break down the sugar in our food and is used by cells in our body as energy reservoirs. But with insulin resistance, this process is altered because the pancreas cannot secrete a sufficient amount of insulin that may make the cells use the blood glucose. As a consequence, blood sugar starts accumulating and damages vital organs and blood vessels. The blood supply is altered, and many infections start developing. Thus proper treatment is essential in this case for avoiding the severe condition.

When Should You Get Tested?

Usually, glucose testing must be started by the age of 40, but early determination is essential if you have the below features. If you have a low cholesterol level or your fat level is high, you need to go for testing.

glucose testing

Similarly, if you have a family history of diabetes or are experiencing fatigue, it is best to get yourself examined. Also, if you have had diabetes during pregnancy, it is best to get yourself checked. All these signs and symptoms are a clue that you need to get yourself evaluated.

How To Avoid Diabetes In Patients Both Old And Young?

Suppose you are suffering from insulin resistance or prediabetes. In that case, it is best to start Applying a modern and well-organized lifestyle, as it will prevent you from severe conditions like stroke or heart disease. It would be best to control your diet by avoiding unprocessed food meals like bread and portions of pasta.

avoid diabetes

You must walk every day for 30 or more minutes. You must also exercise and take a lot of drinks to keep yourself and your skin hydrated. It would be best if you owned a checked and balanced diet and must opt for green leafy vegetables that are healthy.

Conclusion Or Wrap Up!

In this article, we have discussed what insulin resistance is and how it can influence the body. High blood sugar levels initially lead to weight gain, and then further changes in our body are noticed eventually. High blood sugar causes a rise in protein, which affects the kidneys and causes disturbances in our urinary system. If you are suffering from all such signs, it is best to consult a doctor who can guide you accordingly as it will help you get rid of unwanted diseases and conditions that are dangerous. And are a high risk for ourselves.

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