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Dr. Fouzia


Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) - London

I was born in Lahore and studied my first degree in physiotherapy from Punjab University, Lahore in 1993. I plan my life goals at the age of 13 years and started to work to achieve my targets that I have achieved. I worked in leading teaching hospitals of Lahore up to consultant level. Then I started my career in UK and have attain consultant level and have set up new services from scratch that are beneficial for public. I am a first author of more than twenty published research papers and presented at several conferences. I am teaching short courses and have done several free webinars and question- answer sessions on different diseases for the general public to improve their health. I am working in a primary care set up and also offer private telephone and online appointments to serve people beyond borders.

I love music, reading books and travelling. I have interest in arts and design, glass painting, interior decoration and embroidery.

As a clinician and as a human being, I saw people suffering with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I saw their sufferings and I feel for them. Unfortunately, our society has a different attitude towards such patients. These patients are usually neglected and usually do not have access to treatment for various reasons. Therefore, I decided to write a book on mental health to facilitate patients and to fight against psychiatric conditions. This book is a good learning source for anyone interested in developing skills for the effective management of psychiatric conditions.

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